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did you feel the quake?

did you feel the quake?
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WCG101 Seeking for online volunteers.. Here's how you can volunteer to help Women Care Group101. Our project benefits very poor women and children living in abject poverty world wide. You can alsohelp a lotby telling others about our class room’s campaign to build more class room and provide books for free. For just $2, anyone can donate a brick or book to help build a class room and library. Please spread the word! Do you want to help the world’s neediest reador help the poorest homeless women get accommodation?You can help us meet increasing requests for aid. We currently need or anticipate needing help from volunteers with skills in the following areas: visual arts (painting, drawing, ...) graphic design videography (YouTube masters) publicity legal translation from English to other languages fundraising              Forum moderator             website skills in marketing and eCommerce you have any…

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An 8.9-magnitude earthquake hit northern Japan on Friday, triggering tsunamis We are sending this massage to our Japanese friends. Our heart and prayers goes out to the people living in Japan.  To all the Japanese people We here would like to say you are not alone we are with you in prayers please be strong...


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What most charities don't do is they won’t follow the traditional olden day’s way of charity giving we are now focused on all relative aspects of charity giving that actually works.

Hello welcome to Women Care Group101 (wcg101) Non Profit Peer to peer social networking and charity giving program. If you are wondering how you will get out of your present situation e.g you are out of job and your bank account is empty, you are owing your rent and you need to buy a present for you son or daughters wedding then this group is for you. You are broke and you desperately need a push to start your own business and…

Terrible happenings you must know about please read...

Shadowy figures lurking on the fringe

The boys' choir from Zambia sang in churches, schools and shopping malls across the United States. In exchange for their hard work, the boys were promised an education, wages that could be sent home to family and a school that would be built in Africa. People who heard the 12-member a cappella choir were touched. They reached into their wallets and purses and offered up donations. The boys, ranging in age from 12 to 17, sang a mixture of gospels in English and their native tongue. They brought in more than $1 million, yet saw little of it. They received room and board and the occasional token payment, but no wages, no education, no school back home. The boys are among the faces of modern-day slavery - in their case, trafficked into the United States under the guise of a faith-based organization that preyed on them. "They were brought here for a specific purpose and that was to get as much out of them - with no regard for them or their futures…