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Hillary Clinton at UN: 'Women's progress is human progress'!

        Women's Rights

Hillary Clinton at UN: 'Women's progress is human progress'Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered those words at the UN Friday as she marked the 15th anniversary of her speech at the World Conference on Women in Beijing.

She cited the case of a 10-year-old girl in Yemen who recently went to court to demand – and eventually receive – a divorce from a forced marriage. But she also cited a recent Economist cover story that explains how years of gendercide, primarily across a swath of Asia from China to India, means that the world has 100 million fewer girls than it should.

Dr. Lubna al-Kazi, a renown advocate for women’s right to vote and run for office in Kuwait, describes changes in political environment in Kuwait in the past five years and obstacles that women experience trying to implement their rights. Dr. al-Karzi stressed that despite some improvements, women in Kuwait still face a “marble ceiling” when it comes to taking leading positions…