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me with a Volunteer tour Package 

Overseas? That’s a fair enough question

here are volunteer abroad opportunities, we offer. 

                              Volunteer packages

All of the volunteer overseas packages we offer have flexible dates, with some packages lasting just a few days and others lasting for months, so why not book a holiday as you normally would and find a volunteer package in the same location! That way you have your holiday overseas, whilst still being a volunteer overseas, ultimately making you a volunteer tourist!
How WCG101 Volunteer tourist Overseas Packages is by far the cheapest tour ever!
If you’ve decided you want to e.g volunteer overseas with less privilege kid in Thailand but you also want to spend some time looking around Thailand and experiencing everything it has to offer, not just the Orphanage kids, try and apply it to yourself or contact one of our staff at ivolunteer4asia@yahoo.com
and we will help.

Step one: find yourself a volunteering with Less privilege kids  in Asia /Africa package.
 Once you are done deciding which continent you choose to go. Write us and let us know where you have decided to go, easy huh!

Step two: decide when you want to go and how long you wish to stay. You will get a special surprise treat if you stay for 2 weeks holiday a year, More if you help out in one of our organizations or partners.

Step three: If you wish to travel around the neighboring country of your choice we can also arrange for this service including accommodation through out your vacation; now isn’t this fun!
Hang on a minute… you’re pretty much done! You book your week’s volunteer package, and then arrange flights to e.g. Thailand for 2 weeks and a hotel/hostel for the week after or before your volunteer package and give a few hrs at the orphanage homes within the area you choose to tour that makes you officially a volunteer tourist! . 

We also offer side menu as follows:
Cook classes
Dance classes
Massage and spa treatment from the hands of professionals
Massage by the blind
Art and craft class

Moto bike and bicycle renting

Diving classes

Trekking and climbing in the prvince’s

Contact us for more info. infowcg101@gmail.com

Want to be a Volunteer tourist?  Sounds like fun huh?

oh yes its pure Fun! Fun! Fun! all through your stay.

If you look closely, some of our volunteer packages do involve a holiday as well, but we recommend custom building your own as described above as this way you get to do exactly what you want, when you want!. Remember the profits generated by this business unit will be invested in Asia/Americas/middle east and Africa to financially support projects that are taking care of the direct needs of children, the sick, poor, handicapped, women e.t.c….

Would you like to support us in making this possible?

Become a sponsor of International Business for Children for as little as 10 euro per month, or make a one-time donation which ever way you choose to help we value you support!

If you’re still undecided, then keep an eye on our blog (or subscribe via RSS) as we will be launching articles on different volunteer tourism packages!

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day!.

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Wcg101 Non Profit  Tour

Our services also includes holiday services for families who wish to travel and volunteer at the same time you will get to meet with our very best tour guides. You will be touring interesting places and you will get the chance to meet with locals who will in turn teach you local food recipes for your own enjoyment book now for this amazing offer and you will be helping the poor locals. Amazing gift awaits you.

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