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A letter to you!

I am writing not as a woman /man with statutes or special rights but as a human being with feelings and heart beat. My heart bleeds each day I wake up and I am not sure of what to make of my  thoughts or feelings. I feel for the pain and anguish the poor has to go through every day. I used to be a victim myself. It's heard to tell what I feel. What You are about  to read is not to be ignored please share or make a donation. 
There are millions of babies born everyday without a chance of making it the third world countries, some of those babies could be future lawyers, doctors, scientist that might discover the best cure to the diseases and plagues that has befallen humanity, some could be super stars that will win our hearts and make us happy just by listening to them or watching them in TV’s shows. The list is endless but do they deserve it? Neither do we but we still can turn the tables around if we think deep and feel deeper. 
There are women who are hard working and good mothers…