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Greetings Dear friend,
 We are happy to have you visit our website while you are at it why not visit our partner NGO IIMAC nonprofit as we are working together to teach the less privilege children . Become a fan on  facebook  add IIMAC on Twitter, or just leave a comment here if you like what we do. For more information click here.
We are also seeking for volunteers to help us teach the kids Click here for more info..

Wcg101 a light to those living in darkness. Copyright © 2010 Women Care Group International. All Rights Reserved.

Why volunteer for us?


Volunteering abroad is a life-changing experience. You share your enthusiasm, time, skills, and energy and give of yourself in a way that allows you to effect positive change.
Making a difference can also mean sharing specific knowledge, skills, and experience you may have. But the experience extends far beyond hands-on service with many opportunities for cultural exchange and personal transformation. And the impact of your service can last a lifetime, for you and the community you served.
If you have an interest in volunteering and learning about another culture, you can be of service. Making a difference can be as simple as sharing love and affection.

Prospective volunteers are surprised to learn that many programs charge their volunteers a fee to participate. At first, this can seem ridiculous —Why should you pay money to work for free? Aren't you already forgoing income you could be making? Here are a few things to keep in mind while trying t…

Do You Know We Have A free?


Micheal Obama Let's Move in Africa. IIMAC & WCG101 empowerment project includes health and nutrition plan at school

Micheal Campaign on healthy food in schools, while in some Poor Countries No Food at all!

The First Lady Micheal Obama, initiated a better plan for future generations healthy food in America But the majority of  the children attending public schools in Africa still remain under-nutrition,  if only we will have enough food for our children who often go to school empty stomach. We support the Micheal's Initiative 100% and that's why we have created our empowerment project for the poor children in Africa/Asia

Micheal Campaign Let’s Move! is a comprehensive initiative, launched by the First Lady, dedicated to solving the problem of obesity within a generation, so that children born today will grow up healthier and able to pursue their dreams. the First Lady’s Let’s Move! initiative: Creating a healthy start for children Empowering parents and caregivers Providing healthy food in schools Improving access to healthy, affordable foods Increasing physical activityIIMAC & …

Free education empowerment program.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT MOTHER CHILD NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION (IIMAC) Free education empowerment program. Get involved..

If you desire to contribute to our society, to help very poor people in little ways that you can,this offer is meant for you.  We understand that after working in big cities and room with working excellent facilities like AC and TV etc.. including computer and steady electricity is going to be a challenge to work in a community that lacks all of these facilities. But remember this challenge is for the benefit of our very poor deprived women and children who urgently need our assistance in education and otherwise, indeed this task is not an easy task at all, however it gives one the utmost feelings of satisfaction and great pride to be a part of some ones dream to become a doctor, nurse, teacher etc.. Most of the children are really smart some of them wish to grow up and become teachers so they can also impact in their communities. 

Our Mission
Our Mission is to establish a me…


Our focus it to develop and educate women about the benefits of certain foods which are cheap and affordable for the poor, and to further demonstrate the need to improve their livelihood by providing and equipping them with our special education/feeding program.

A Solution to World Hunger? Eating snails solve the problem of malnutrition in poor communities world wide especially in developing countries like Africa and Asia and other third world countries? Researchers are optimistic that these common mollusks could provide much needed nutrition to people living in developing countries where inexpensive sources of protein are hard to come by. According to a study published in the International Journal of Food Safety, Nutrition and Public Health snails may actually be superior to beef in terms of nutritional value, taste acceptability, and cost.
Is Eating Snails Nutritious? Snails are surprisingly nutritious – high in pro…

You Can Help Us To Help Them By Donating. No amount is too small !

My objective is to raise awareness about the lack of basic necessities that my organization lack in other to enable me run the organization effectively as I set out to do. Although we are poorly funded thus making our concentrations limited, even so we still try as much as possible to encourage sponsors and volunteers to join us so that our care mission will reach and save as many lives as much as possible. recently we have just received a case from woman who has been unjustly ejected from her home and a HIV patient who need to find a soul mate even if she is HIV POSITIVE. keep in touch for the full story in our next article.
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