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How Violence Affects Women And Children

Women Care Group101 Up Coming Project For 2011-2012  Rising above the ethics of war to defend the helpless Women and Children victims, of riots and Violence Worldwide.
WCG101 Innovative strategies and plans to avoid violence-riots and support for the victims of riots/violence especially women and children Worldwide.
WCG101: Understanding Creativity, Innovation, Knowledge, Networks and Unity.
Introduction The project was undertaken as an attempt to understand the effects of riots on women and children. In my research I have noticed through a thorough research I have conducted, of the after effects riots or violence have on women and children worldwide. Riots/violence is the state whereby men and women including youths take to the streets to protest for a course/injustice, health issues, jobs , political or monetary issues etc.. However the after effects of the crimes committed during the protest against humanity and life are often ignored, and this has affected thousands of families.
The vic…