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Widows are fighting legal battles against their families from their beds.

The abusive practices to which widows are subject is hear breaking.  This describes steps being undertaken at the local level in many countries to challenge abuse of widows, and change cultural perceptions of widowhood.

Widowhood may have as little social or economic impact on widows as it does on widowers the lack of specific concern and recognition of the abuse of widows in the international human rights instruments, and recommends support for campaigns to remedy this is alarming considering how many lives has been lost due to the loose of a husband. 
Widows are realizing that the support of other widows can replace and even surpass that received from their in-laws. Although the plight of widows has received little attention from the international women's movement, the fact that widows are free from conjugal control and are faced with the necessity to earn a living makes them ideal agents of change.
 In Ghana, a grassroots "Ministry of Widows" rescues women banished from …