Women Care Group 101 (WCG101) is a not-for-profit non-governmental organization and has not been funded by any organizations. WCG101 is proud to offer all of the services, that our competitors offer, at a very special economical price.
WCG101's program fees are nearly two to three times less then other International volunteering organizations.

We are world wide organization branch in South East Asia Cambodia and we place volunteers directly to our own projects. We therefore do not have to pay for any other agencies or organizations. We have mainly local staff and volunteer; do not have to spend that much for the operation cost. Our full time staffs also do not make 6-figured salaries; and we work very hard and smart to keep costs down especially for you the volunteers where it counts the most.  

That is the reason; WCG101 volunteering programs are the most affordable programs in Asia compared to other organizations of its kind. We remain devoted to maintaining both the quality of the programs and the safety of all volunteers involved. Our program fees starts from 240€. They vary depending on the program and the length of stay. Any money saved out of the program fees, directly goes to pay our program staffs and community projects. Our all programmes are funded through volunteers' supports. Here is a brief summary of the program fees that WCG101 offers
Program Booking Fee: $115.00 - is a non refundable fee which covers processing your application and pre-departure support and is not deductible from program fees. 

Please read the following information carefully before you book your position:

  • The program costs are reviewed in every end of the month to adjust the inflation rates. Please  Convert costs in your currency 
  • To book a volunteer / internship placement with us, you should pay $115 Via our payment link by account or via western union. This amount is for processing your application; pre departure support and ensures your arrival at WCG101 and NOT deductable from program fees. We only accept payment once you are accepted for the program.
  • Up to 20 % discount for Group Volunteering for 5 plus group members.
  • If you wish to work for more than one placement, then you are required to pay €50 extra to cover our extra logistic work.
  • Program Induction (Your team leader will introduce you and show you what you need to do or  what to expect):
  •  2 start dates are usually available each month. We start program induction 1st and 15th of each month. It varies from 1 to 3 days or even a week depending on program and length of stay. Induction period is considered part of your program period. If you wish to come in between for a short period, you will receive a basic orientation before the placement. Please arrive one day prior to the program induction date.
  • Please read WCG101's online "Terms and Conditions" before you confirm you placement;
  • We accept only cash, (if you wish to pay by Paypal, there will be 5.5% extra cost to cover paypal cost and transfer fees). You can also pay in USD, Sterling Pounds and Australian dollars. Please do not loose value of your money twice changing your currency in your country. 
  • The program fee covers:
  • Transportation: Pick up from the airport, to and from the project site/s;
  • Pre-service: e.g. About  WCG101, Few local Courtesy language and culture, health talk, program orientation, e.g. teacher training -TEFL tips;
  • One day sightseeing around Program locations, and heritage sites, e.g. Accommodation at a budget hotel and lunch at WCG101’s office during program induction;
  • Accommodation and food during placement with a host family / hostel - NORMAL standard 2 to 3 meals a day;
  • Administrative charge;
  • Stationeries during program induction;
  • 24 hours emergency support;
  • Regular follow up support / visit (1-2 week interval) by  WCG101's staffs;
  • Support for local staff and volunteers and all other administrative costs;
  • Support for ongoing WCG101 established projects in the community- (women’s empowerment, children’s development, community health, youth development);
  • Online / off line program advertisement
  • Free internet at our office
The program fee excludes the following:
  • Airfare, Visa and Visa extension fee - (check with your embassy or  Immigration for the latest fee structure);
  • Stationeries during volunteering period if you wish to use much;
  • Breakfast and dinner during program induction ($5 per day will be enough)
  • Return transfer to airport –WCG101 staff can help you to drop you off the airport if you need help;
  • Transportation during weekends travel;
  • Entrance fees to the cultural Heritage - $25  max for main cultural sites;
  • Personal travel and sightseeing (trekking, jungle safari etc If you are interested WCG101 can organize for you with affordable prices);CLICK HERE
  • Laundry, internet access, telephone, drinks or other costs accrued during training and placement;
  • Gifts to project staffs and host family, if you wish to buy any;
  • Should you wish to spend more time pre and post placement period, please remember to budget accordingly!
  • Travel and medical insurances, immunization, health is required please make sure you come with yours;
  • You will also need a weekly budget of up to US $20 to cater for all your other expenses like bottled water.
Remember: If you wish to pay while on the move then search for western union agents in you city and send your payment.
Note: Once you start your placement, if you wish to discontinue in any reason, the programs cost you pay are not refundable. 

WCG101 is solely funded through the Program Fees paid by volunteers like you. WCG101 receives no funding from other donor agencies. Independent donations are welcomed and will be applied toward various projects established by WCG101. If you are interested in providing a donation, please use our online DONATE NOW button. 

Women Care Group101, empower women through its training work shop for hand works and by the means of micro loan support.  WCG101 hope to organize Youth craft and skill training, training the youth about and sex education, creating more schools, teaching women on how to take care of newborns and how to be economical through savings, organizing and teaching the young girls and women family planning Program, Youth Sport Club for the handicapped and free skillful training, free Community Hospital for children and women, accommodation and support for orphanage homes
Youth drug awareness
Youth drug awareness drama and youth rehabilitation center.
Youths will be encouraged to participate in our drama programs a way to create more awareness against unprotected sex, abortion, drug abuse, crime, prostitution, and gambling, women raped and abused e.t.c.

Women trafficking.
Our major focus is women who are poor. In recent news women are forced to sell their female child to sex trafficker who give them a few hundred dollars which in many case they never see their child again. We hope to work international and local level with the other ngo’s to discourage such act against humanity. To ensure access to justice to the survivors of trafficking and raise the issues of safe migration WCG101 hope to actively participated in against human trafficking Besides, WCG101 is working hard to provide trainings and orientation on safe-migration process, WCG101 is planning on working with international job agencies that provide good jobs for the already educated youths who are too poor to get recognized.  

Other areas we also pursue is that we hope to spread the message and rescue women as much as we can.  we are seeking donors to help our Charity raise this targets so that we might be able to give it to the people who needs help. We would like to work with any ngo’s  that is working in the same category. Contact us if you have an NGO. 

Our Care services and support :  
To support charities who fight to save animals going extinct,

To support scientists around the world working day and night to find cure for diseases.

To support  victims of natural disaster.

To support human rights activists.                           

To help  illegal immigrants rotting away in jails in a foreign country world wide by providing food, cloths,health care etc...

To help victims who are forced into labor.

To help victims who are forced into prostitution.

To support safe water and and creating more water source  in poor communities .

To educate teens about unsafe sex practices and early pregnancy.

To support rehabs and practitioners in various sectors in poor communities.

To ensure a safe passage for victim of sex trafficking  wishing to come back home from abroad to their country through our Ngo network and creating jobs for such victims within and outside our charity.

To create free cancer cure and free check ups through our NGO networks and donations.

To provide free health care for newborn babies and children to fight malaria , cholera and other diseases mostly in poor communities.                  
Free education for children  
Women Care Group101 fight to improve the standard of education by 100% in every child through our free giving program for less privilege children we give every child  a chance for a good education by nurturing and training every child to discover his/her skills or area of specialty, using  our quality standard of teaching .  Every child benefits early education for free as we pick them up while they are still so little.
 We provide Teachers by means or our volunteers program and get learning materials for free through sponsors and donors.
A seed can not grow without planting and nurturing it to
grow. Plant a seed by sending donating book for us to teach  kids in our charity

Singing a well known song- Twinkle little Star!
Child and Fun!
WCG101 strive to maintain and guide every child to become independent and self reliance in the future. We hope to achieve this by organizing  school debate to test every child’s potential also our volunteers teach and organize play and interactive activities for the kids every weekends we also provide free  children tours within and around the neighborhood for fun to encourage hospitality in every child.

Women Care Group 101 is totally dependent
upon the financial  support of businesses
 and private individuals please support us 
to make our projects successful.
We are seeking your financial support to enable us to set up a 
training work shop which will also have an  online
 shop so may present the goods and creations 
we made from our workshop -
 The profit generated by this sales will be used to support the various 
project sin our cause that are involved in providing for the direct needs 
of children, women, sick ones, homeless, handicapped e.g. 
we will like to provide clothing, food, education and medical care. 
With your support, we can make our projects a reality. 
In the future, we would like to set up other business
 out lets through our world wide partners and supporters. 
We hope to introduce a fashion & advertising media,which will
 generate profits, it will be used to financially 
support projects in other Third World countries.  
You can support the International Business for Children Foundation by:
Your gift / donation

Massage for our supporters,
 members and sponsors 
including our staffs and volunteers

WOMEN CARE GROUP 101 is thankful for every gift send. 
You can send your gift/donation, in support of our work, 
to donate to our banking account go to DONATION PAGE:
Your contribution will be used solely for the purpose for which it has been sent,
 to support the work of Women Care Group 101 projects..

Structural donor
You can become a structural donor from as little as € 10.00 per month. 
Your support is vital! We do not receive any financial support from national
 or local government and are therefore, totally reliant on our donors and sponsors.
 In this way, we are able to generate and guarantee a regular income.  Added to this, 
will be the income generated through sales by our own products, services and 
donations. Would you like to support us?
Kindly contact us for our authorization form which authorizes 
Women Care group 101 Charity to debit your account on a monthly basis.

Business Partner
Women Care group 101 seeks to establish a structural cooperation with her 
sponsors for a minimum of two years. There is, of course, also the option of
 making a one-time donation.  
Will you support us so we can realize this?
Please send us a mail for us to send your form to your mail.

Corporate Partner
Women Care Group 101 is seeking Corporate Partners. For details of the
 benefits of Corporate Sponsorship, kindly contact:

If  have any legit business or know any 
organizations, which are willing to support the work of charities please contact us.
This support can be by way of a financial contribution but also by serving us
 with discount on services or products. 

Get fund and support join us at includes PTPSNACGP:

Volunteer Program Cost Structure In EURO 

olunteer Program
Program duration in weeks / Program fees in Euro (€)
Teaching English at our School
Child Care: Early Childhood Development Center
Children's Clubs Facilitation
Computer Technology
Office Administration & Management
Environment and Agro forestry
Fundraising and Grant Writing
Youth Development
Language / Culture / Home Stay
Volunteer Co-ordination
Teacher Development
Women's Empowerment
Child Care: Orphanage Home
Construction & Manual Work
Working with deaf & disabled people
Community Health & Medical Care
Teaching English at Buddhist Monastery
Volunteer & Trekking
4 to 5 weeks program
€50 for each additional week volunteering
Volunteer Travel & Tour
4 to 5 weeks program
€50 Euro for each additional week volunteering
Internship Program
Program duration in weeks/Program fees in Euro (€)
Health & Medical Elective
Community Health Education
Women's Empowerment & Studies
International Journalism
Environment & Conservation
Any Other Research Internship

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Hello its difficult sometimes to speak out on the pains we go through in our everyday life sometimes.The list is endless if we are told to put it down , my point is I need support do you offer telephone conversation of some sort I will do the calling , I need someone to talk to maybe advice me on how to get my self together or should send my story by mail?
Thank you,
Morris Adam
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