Thursday, March 10, 2011

Are you seeking for fund ?Join our peer to peer charity giving..PTPSNACGP

An 8.9-magnitude earthquake hit northern Japan on Friday, triggering tsunamis We are sending this massage to our Japanese friends. Our heart and prayers goes out to the people living in Japan. 
To all the Japanese people We here would like to say you are not alone we are with you in prayers please be strong...


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What most charities don't do is they won’t follow the traditional olden day’s way of charity giving we are now focused on all relative aspects of charity giving that actually works.

   Hello welcome to Women Care Group101 (wcg101) Non Profit  Peer to peer social networking and charity giving program.
             If you are wondering how you will get out of your present situation e.g you are out of job and your bank account is empty, you are owing your rent and you need to buy a present for you son or daughters wedding then this group is for you. You are broke and you desperately need a push to start your own business and you hate your present job the list is endless but to cut the story short you have come to the right page you are here because you are meant to be.  We here are christens and we believe in giving to the needy but we welcome any religion and any nationality to join us.

We don’t care what your beliefs or are we just want to help and show love to humanity why? Because that is  why I started this charity in the first place , that’s right you are reading a massage from the president and founder of Women Care group101 so wipe your tears  join me let end the  hold of poverty and ridicule , Come all lets end the tiny cruel voice in your head that said it can’t be done ! , I am telling you today by the power of God that it can be done if you work with me and keep to the strict rules.  The rules is simply be honest and share with others what you are going through and don’t forget to follow our internet safety rules to avoid being scammed.  Keep reading to learn how our power of giving works.

The is meant for members who are interested in either seeking for a micro-loan or donations to solve their various problems such as business investment, educational, travelling and holiday vacation, health reasons, social gathering , wedding party or other projects e.t.c.

The social peer to peer charity giving program wcg101 members can now donate any amounts of money to WCG101-PTPSNACGP purse which in turn will be giving to the member seeking for fund. 
Before you will be fully registered as a member you must like all our facebook pages, reason is to create as much membership and fans so we can easily spread our act of giving through you. You must add your real life friends to join you will share the page as much as possible so that we will have more members who are interested to join for help or to donate.  Its easy just invites your close friend to the group through your email or facebook   with this  page which is our  members  page ask your friends to request for add and that’s it /  this are our fans pages click on links and click like on each one.


WCG101-PTPSNACGP works when members decided to donate for a particular cause within the members this decisions will be entirely based how crucial the request is and we will then decide on whose need is most urgent before we issue the money donated for PTPSNACGP The only thing you need to remember is you are not the only one who needs help and it will make a great different if you respect others needs as well. If you choose to donate for others then you have done a great good in someone’s life.

We also provide minimum members external donation link for our staffs who work hard to make this project come true and also to keep our site running. For sponsors who wish to sponsor this program and keep it running please contact us for more details we are also open for advice.

Join our fan club we will be glad to get in touch with you and attend to you meanwhile visit our website for more information.

We have discovered a more information geared specifically towards people suffering a broken heart over a break-up or career wise, live TV competition or in schools abuse e.t.c . While this information is good and useful, at some point we realize that creating a space where we will bring together people from all works of life will be nice in other to do this we created a fan page knowing that’s where will be able to keep track of our members and attend to them more faster then when we choose a specific spots after all, its for people from all nationality that means online or social networks is our bet source to reach out to millions of members who are looking for such free and easy site they could come and bare their soul and get help fast..

If you are looking for a place to get healing through prayers, through our fans club activities or tourism & vacations then join us we have special professional staffs who are willing to listen to you. 
International visa, health evacuation and migration will be made available soon ….

These questions and more will be addressed in this four part series designed to help people recover from heartbreaks. Contact us to share your stories..

· Raising funds for pregnant moms Pledges
· Raising funds to  support  individual projects
· Raising funds to support wcg101 staff members
· Raising funds to support host site
· Creating a group banking for emergency relief

To send your donations to our staffs that keep our website running please click on our donation links donate, remember no amount is too little.
Free ads for struggling business persons.

Note !
Members can only join if they have a facebook id, please create one is quick and easy to join our wonderful traditional charity giving program. GO TO FACEBOOK What are you waiting for you to  join our fan page and leave a comment..
Please visit our disclaimer notice before you comment as this are real people we are here to heal not to hurt anyone's feelings.. 

Thank you!

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               Raising funds through the language of  Arts
                                  Paintings For sale!

Name-African Broken Princess
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Name-Broken Woman
100% Hand painted Water painting on a thick paper
100% ACID FREE...
Size-381x279mm painted 2008
Price $ 200.00

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Cick Here  If you wish to donate your used cloths, items e.t.c

Give your love and watch it heal our World..

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