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Wcg101 care shots...

Give your love and watch it heal our land..

We also offer cheap vacation for volunteers who wish to visit with  family isn’t this great proceed below to book your reservations..

Our services also includes holiday services for families who wish to travel and volunteer
at the same time you will get to meet with our very best tour guides. You will be touring
interesting places and you will get the chance to meet with locals who will in turn teach
you local food recipes for your own enjoyment book now for this amazing offer and you
will be helping the poor locals. Amazing gift awaits you.  To book click on the link and
 you will be directed to our site

                                  Read our volunteers comments:

I enjoyed Volunteering  with WCG101 in the women’s development programme,  I was able to teach young kids and  women I believe my teaching  made an impact in helping to  liberate poor women and  I also enjoyed teaching them skilled hand w…


We need a chance to make our intentions known we need you to make our dream come true, join us today give your love and watch it heal our land!