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You will find us at the following address.Street 58 D5 House No B 01 Borey Chomkardom Sangkat Dang Khoul Phnom Penh .Tel:+855 23-65-233-00

.         wcg101  is an internationally organization that accepts charitable donations, including clothing donations. Clothing donations to wcg101 are sorted, priced and sold in Wcg101 stores around the world at steeply discounted prices. The proceeds from the sale of each donated clothing item are used to provide jobs to people in the community in need of work. Proceeds pay the salaries of these people which in turn allow each wcg101 to employee the ability to pay bills and live on a steady income. In addition, because clothing is sold so inexpensively, those who cannot afford brand new clothes have the ability to purchase "new to them" clothes at inexpensive prices.

In addition to paying the salaries of employees of Wcg101 Thrift Stores, the money raised by selling donated clothing in thrift shops is used to fund community outreach programs such as adult rehabilitation. Men and women suffering homelessness, addiction and/or unemployment seek help from the adult rehabilitation programs offered by wcg101. These programs are funded 100 percent from the money raised by the sale of clothes donated by generous people.Wcg101 also accepts sewing machines and materials, Wcg101 train women to sew and make good quality cloths for sale most of this women were picked from the streets and some are drug users others are homeless and rejects. Wcg101 provides not only a home for them but also a means of steady income.
If you have any item you wish to sell you may contact us for your ads our price is cheap and affordable we are growing stronger and more people are viewing our site add your products or services today remember what you will pay will go straight to the needy.

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