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Your Love Empowers Me.

Women Care Group101 Non Profit Christian organization working with the love and teachings of Christ and we are focused on achieving United Nation Millennium Development Goal by promoting gender equality and empowering women which will contribute to achieving all the other goals, from reducing poverty and hunger to saving children’s lives, improving maternal health, ensuring universal education, combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases, and ensuring environmental sustainability. 

 The WCG101 is a charity organization fighting to combat hunger in the world, by helping to provide medical aid for the sick, helping to stop child sex, empowering old and young women to sustain themselves through skill training and job provisions including feeding the poor, Clothing the poor and also Providing free education for children. We provide micro loan support for women and women farmers and help to campaign for clean water for rural areas.

Help I am homeless I need Shelter.
We propose to arrange support group of volunteers for victims of abuse, drug trafficking, sex slavery,immigration issues, Scam Victims especially women who are scammed through social networks e.g online relationship scams.WCG101 is proposing to provide a fund to help local medical centers in the rural areas which supports for pregnant women during pregnancy and  after child birth and we hope to help the  homeless by providing shelter and a training in other to enable them become self sustainable we hope that by  training these poor individuals soon we will be creating a stronger safer society of self reliant people e.t.c….

50 KG 1 Bag of  Rice Donated by Mr Anthony Charles Aroh for wcg101
There are major areas which we hope to contribute and support these individuals by  raising funds to enable us provide lands for local farmers , seeds for planting, safe water for drinking, free medical facilities, free medication, financial support through entrepreneur lending program, free education, all this can be provided for through your kind contributions and donation..
If you wish to donate now please go to our donate page and touch a live today thank you as you do so.

Would you like to support us in making this possible? 

We do not have any funding agency. Women Care Group 101 therefore is looking for a Grant writer and fundraiser who can write project proposals based on real situations in the working sites to fund its up running projects. You can also help WCG101 develop projects for its future working community sites
Become a sponsor for Children for as little as 10 euro per month, or make a one-time donation which ever way you choose to help we value you support!.
Women Care Group 101 is totally dependent upon the financial support of businesses and private individuals. 

Woman with 3 kids living  in a shack , they are exposed to rain, sun, mosquitoes and poor health conditions please help!!
Your gift / donation
WOMEN CARE GROUP 101 is thankful for every gift. You can send your gift/donation, in support of our work, to donate to our banking account go to DONATION PAGE:
Your contribution will be used solely for the purpose for which it has been sent to support the work of Women Care Group 101 projects..
Structural donor
You can become a structural donor from as little as € 10.00 per month. Your support is vital! We do not receive any financial support from national or local government and are therefore, totally reliant on our donors and sponsors. In this way, we are able to generate and guarantee a regular income.  Added to this will be the income generated through sales by our own products, services and donations. 

Would you like to support us?
Kindly contact us for our authorization form which authorizes Women Care group 101 Charity to debit your account on a monthly basis.

Business Partner
Women Care group 101 seeks to establish a structural cooperation with her sponsors for a minimum of two years. There is, of course, also the option of making a one-time donation.  
Will you support us so we can realize this?
Please send us a mail for us to send your form to your mail.
Corporate Partner
Women Care Group 101 is seeking Corporate Partners. For details of the benefits of Corporate Sponsorship, kindly contact: wcg101@consultant.com
Women Care Group 101 knows a growing number of businesses and organizations, which are willing to support the work of our organization.
This support can be by way of a financial contribution but also by serving us with discount on services or products. 

We teach ,feed and cloth our kids please help us keep this vision alive.
 books are key to every child's future!

I love to study and play  please come teach me how to read and write..

Donate book today play a part to solve world illiteracy by donating books to - wcg101 children  education center for free education .
Lunch time at school

Your care will save the street kids.This program helps keep these children off the streets and bring them to an environment where they can learn and improve their skills, study and reading habit with the appropriate exposure to accessible resources for a better society. The availability of these materials has proven to create an impact in preparation for related school examinations, please help us deliver quality free education to these children by donating books, Stationary or donations.
Thank you as you do so. 

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Volunteer with us as a teacher
Are you a tourist ? Join us as a volunteer tourist you will enjoy you tour with more fun!

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