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Growing concern for women immigrants working abroad

The spread of global capitalism impacts poor women 

Global Capitalism And It's Impact On Poor Women. The spread of global capitalism impacts poor women hardest, whether in the Third World nations many women are forced to leave or the First World nations where many have always lived in poverty or where they are compelled to migrate once the means of survival in their home countries are destroyed. Under globalization, the destruction wrought by neoliberal policies in both First and Third world nations cause women to lose ground in status, freedom, safety, education and to have diminished access to basic needs of food, water, housing and health care.

SAP Structural adjustment policies are pre-conditions set by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund for loans to indebted countries, including provisions that indebted governments cooperate in cutting spending on social programs, slashing wages and eliminating labor controls, devaluing local currency, privatizing state enterprises, o…