Tears Of Scam Victims Fund Raising Support

Tears of scam victims Fund Raising Support

Women Care Group101 is now creating awareness to supports Scam Victims through message groups and networking with other victims. WCG101 hope to work with the government to help the victims who have gone bankrupt and mentally unstable as a result of losing their wealth to fraudsters . We are calling on all who are victims to share their stories in other to create more awareness to help people learn more about their tricks and ways. We have created an environment by which victims can share their stories with other who have been through the same experience. We hope to start our fundraising campaign soon, sign up for our newsletter to get updates on our current news.Also we encourage legitimate businesses and individual who are unknowingly being used by the people running these scams to assist us in warning people and finding ways to protect their customers..Please send us your story if you are a victim it will help others learn and avoid making such mistakes, in the meantime we do not promise to refund the money they took from you in full but we will ensure you get as much as possible to get back on your feet , note we will need valid proof of your story.

Women Care Group101 is a small charity standing like a candle in the wind.Wcg101 shining light represents a glimpse of hope to those living in darkness. Copyright © 2010 Women Care Group International. All Rights Reserved.


Be bold Share your stories, we are here to help not blame you.

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