Monday, September 12, 2011

IIMAC is joining to support free education campaign in Nigeria and Cambodia

 IIMAC Free Education Empower Project along side with Women Care Group101 is now working in Nigeria through it's free education Programs .In developing countries, overpopulation is considered to be one of the most basic causes of underdevelopment.
IIMAC New free education project in Nigeria West Africa
Third world countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America are now dealing with this acute problem, which tends to nullify most of the efforts to encourage development. Given this situation we are doing our best to join the support of free education in Nigeria and Cambodia by helping the poor kids through feeding , clothing and providing a free education for the poor children from very poor families including scavengers and homeless kids we also teach women since Nigeria and Cambodian women are higly proficient and productive in the fields of business and trading including farming hopefully we will assist them through our fundraising campaign. Please help us achieve this purpose by joining our volunteer teams.

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